Troubleshooting in the Bioscience Industry

Wed August 11, 2021

Troubleshooting in the Bioscience Industry

Using Corrective Actions and Preventive Actions (CAPA) to Transform Laboratory Errors into Real-World Scenarios

Course Description

Corrective Action Preventive Action (CAPA) is a process used by biomanufacturing companies to investigate, solve, and prevent problems with the goal of minimizing mishaps. This course will outline the CAPA system and cover common concepts such as deviations and root cause analysis. In addition strategies and activities will be presented to help educators turn classroom laboratory errors into teachable moments relevant to bioscience industry careers.

Learning Objectives

• Understand the importance of creating and maintaining a Corrective and Preventive Action (CAPA) system to respond to unexpected problems and prevent future problems from occurring during drug manufacturing processes
• Determine the cause of any irregularities and correct the identified problem, with the goal of preventing recurrence of a similar problem
• Explain how CAPA systems support current Good Manufacturing Practices
• Appreciate how a CAPA system impacts departmental roles and company culture within the (bio)pharmaceutical industry
• Communicate career opportunities within the (bio)pharmaceutical industry
• Apply enhanced understanding of CAPA to the classroom through various activities and best practices