Biotechnology Career Development Training for Professionals

Tue November 09, 2021

STARTS TUESDAY November 9, 2021

An intense and interactive on-line career development training that uses a proprietary curriculum that is competency-based and constantly updated. It integrates three critical success components:

This is a ten-week on-line training (80 hours total). Sessions meet twice per week; on Tuesdays and Thursday from 3 – 7 pm (PST). Begins Tuesday September 7, 2021.

The course is designed for adult learners seeking to start a biotech career or education pathway; professionals with transferrable skills seeking career transition or continued education; biotech employees with non-scientific backgrounds seeking professional development to increase performance capabilities and promotion potential (ex. product development, legal, sales, HR, marketing, manufacturing); and veterans seeking a high-tech career.

Minimum requirement: College Degree or Certificate 

Learning outcomes:

  • Deep understanding of the biotech industry-specific principals of molecular cell biology, genetics, immunology, and microbiology.
  • Mastery of genetic engineering concepts underlying vast applications: gene-and cell-based therapies, STEM cells, CAR-T cells, CRISPR genome-editing, RNA and antibody-based therapies and vaccines.
  • Insight into the bio-manufacturing and drug development process, and FDA regulations.
  • Analysis and evaluation of on-going bioethical implications of fast-evolving technologies.
  • Insight and technological understanding for exploring multidisciplinary career options and identifying personal career goals.
  • Understanding biopharma’s current contributions to ending the COVID pandemic and its potential in solving real-world problems and contributing to post-pandemic recovery.
  • In-depth concept exploration through Virtual Labs: gamified lab simulations to manipulate lab materials and equipment, visualize cellular/molecular processes, and prepare for “wet labs” in industry settings.
  • Ongoing assessment of learning outcomes through concept review activities, lab quizzes, individual and group projects and presentations, and a personal “biotech” portfolio.
  • Membership in a learning community that promotes collaborative learning, collegiality, peer mentoring, and confidence.
  • Adopting clear culture codes that include a shared vision of professional values, mutual respect, and team collaboration
  • Membership in an intensively engaged and updated Alumni Netwrok with a Job Search platform
  • Employability skill development through unique training techniques
  • Expansion of "soft skills" to select career goals and leverage social media for networking.
  • Develop and improve resume and cover letter; prepare for interviews; assess and request job references.
  • Illustrate core qualities and transferrable skills to biotech hiring managers.