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Agcore Technologies Cranston Algae, Food, Nutrition Agcore Technologies is focused on providing algae (Spirulina) for human nutrition and animal feed. Agcore has developed a vertically integrated algae farming process and incorporated their patented
Alexion Pharmaceuticals Smithfield Biologics, Antibodies, Rare Diseases, COVID-19 The company is developing treatments for rare diseases. COVID-19: (4/20/20) Initiating a global Phase 3 study to investigate ULTOMIRIS® (ravulizumab-cwvz) in a subset of adults with COVID-19
Amgen West Greenwich Biologics, Cancer Therapeutics, Immunotherapy, Immunology, Antibodies, Autoimmunity, COVID-19 Biologics. Amgen makes several therapeutic drugs that target serious disease. Many are derived from engineered monoclonal antibodies. Some target immune receptors.
Brown University Providence University Located in historic Providence, Rhode Island and founded in 1764, Brown University is the seventh-oldest college in the United States. Brown is an independent, coeducational Ivy League institution
CNS Research Narragansett Clinical Research Clinical Research
CNS Research Rumford Clinical Research Clinical Research
CNS Research Bristol Clinical Research Clinical Research
CNS Research East Providence Clinical Research Clinical Research
Davol (Bard) Warwick Medical Devices Prosthetics, Implants
Denison Pharmaceuticals Lincoln Contract Research Contract R&D and Manufacturing _Services; Topical and Oral Semisolids, Solutions, and Suspensions
ELITechGroup Smithfield Molecular Diagnostics, Reagents The ELITechGroup is a privately held group of worldwide manufacturers and distributors of in vitro diagnostic equipment and reagents. The ELITechGroup manufactures and distributes diagnostic products
EpiVax Providence Bioinformatics, Vaccines, Structural Biology, COVID-19, Peptides EpiVax is a leader in computational vaccinology with expertise in epitope prediction, immune modulation, and dehumanized vaccine development. The company is partnering with Generex to work on
IlluminOss Medical East Providence Bone Photodynamic Bone Stabilization System
Iontera Providence Drug Delivery intelligent transdermal drug delivery
Medley Genomics Providence Bioinformatics Medley was founded to utilize advanced analytics to assess the complex genomic heterogeneity in biological samples and support targeted therapies.
Microtissues Providence Cell Culture 3D Cell Culture
MultiCell Technologies Woonsocket Biologics Biologics
Nabsys Providence DNA Sequencing DNA Sequencing
Neurotech Cumberland Biologics Biologics
ProThera Biologics Providence Biologics Inter-alpha Inhibitor Proteins
Rhodes Pharmaceuticals Coventry Drug Addiction Controlled substance generics
Rubius Therapeutics Smithfield Cell Therapies, Cancer Therapeutics, Autoimmunity Rubius Therapeutics works in cellular medicine for treating cancer and autoimmune diseases. Through genetic engineering and cell culture processes they use red blood cells as a foundation for
Semma Therapeutics (Vertex) Providence Diabetes, Stem Cells Semma Therapeutics was founded to develop transformative therapies for patients who currently depend on insulin injections. The company's mission is to cure type 1 diabetes and has developed
Tedor Pharma Cumberland Contract Manufacturing Contract Manufacturing, Small Molecules
University of Rhode Island Genomics and Sequencing Center Kingston DNA Sequencing The Rhode Island Genomics and Sequencing Center (RIGSC) was established to provide technical and analytical support for molecular biology and genomics research at the University of Rhode Island. The
Ximedica Providence Medical Devices Medical Devices
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