Bachelors degree

A four year degree.

Agricultural and Food Science Technicians work with agricultural and food scientists to monitor food production and food safety.... Learn more

Biofuel technicians carry out the laboratory work involved in producing biofuels such as ethanol and biodiesel.

Biofuel... Learn more

Cell culture technicians grow living cells in culture flasks, bioreactors, plates and other kinds of containers. The types of cells they... Learn more

Chemistry Quality Control teams perform daily bench work. To meet required levels of quality, they test all raw materials, packing... Learn more

Clinical Research Associates are responsible for conducting studies to examine the safety and efficacy of new drugs in human patients.... Learn more

Facilities Technicians are responsible for the operation and maintenance of biomanufacturing buildings and equipment. They monitor... Learn more

Food inspectors provide inspections of organizations that handle and prepare food, including restaurants, supermarkets and even... Learn more

Genomics technicians use a range of technologies related to determining and comparing DNA and RNA sequences. They isolate RNA and DNA... Learn more

These jobs are for people who like to work with electronic equipment and are interested in biotechnology. Instrumentation technicians... Learn more

Laboratory Safety Associates, sometimes described as Lab Safety Officers or Lab Safety Specialists, are responsible for maintaining a... Learn more

They work on experiments and procedures in research on projects and products that could cure disease, improve crops, help clean up the... Learn more

These are entry-level positions for people with a high school diploma. Other titles for this position are aseptic fill assistant, cell... Learn more